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Ohio School Buses Run Green With Propane

Over 600 Ohio school buses are running on propane, saving costs on fluids, filters, fuel, and repairs while keeping students safe.

Barnesville Schools run their bus fleet on propane for two reasons: 
safety and cost. 

“The first thing that comes to mind is safety of the kids. With diesel engines you couldn’t hear yourself think. With propane buses you don’t even know they are idling. They are so quiet and that’s good for kids and the bus operators,” says John Blatter, Director of Transportation.

Propane buses require less maintenance and upkeep than other fueled vehicles. Propane also allows for the same mileage with lower fuel costs.

“Propane buses are very clean. The valve train is almost so clean there are no fuel contaminants to make valves build up carbon. There’s no carbon rings on top of pistons. The oil is almost like new. It’s very clean and very clear.”

As Treasurer of Barnesville Schools, Matt King, was most concerned with cost and is happy with their decision to use propane fueled school buses.

“Propane buses offer a significant cost savings, just from fuel alone. We
feel it was the right decision for us. I think propane is definitely the wave
of the future.”

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