Why Ohio Runs on Propane

Ohio has over 30,000 propane-powered vehicles on the roads today. Propane-powered vehicles cut significantly more NOx (Nitrogen oxides) and greenhouse gas emissions compared to diesel and gasoline. The EPA considers propane a clean alternative fuel according to the Energy Policy Act of 1992, and is known as the number one alternative fuel around the world.

Ohio Cities Run on Propane

Ohio city fleets get the greatest ROI by using less fuel, fluids, filters, and emit minimal emissions when they convert to propane. In addition, propane fueled fleets offer employees, passengers, and bystanders clean air and quiet rides. More Ohio fleets are making the switch to propane. The OPGA is here to help make your transition easy with a $4,000 rebate per vehicle or lawnmower, up to $20,000!

Propane Shines at the Clean Vehicle Rural Event

Muskingum County Sheriff is saving taxpayer money and cleaning up the environment with propane vehicles.

Columbus, OH

The city of Columbus mows with propane. With their 52 propane lawnmowers, the city sees huge savings and reduction in their emission output. 

John Glenn International Airport

John Glenn runs their passenger fleet vehicles on propane, saving them approximately $200,000 per year. Propane easily handles the 1.2 million miles put on these vehicles. They are clean and quiet for their travelers.


Laketran uses propane for the greatest ROI. They are saving approximately $455,000 every year. 

City of Springfield

The city of Springfield chose propane because of the cost efficiency, safety, and emissions reduction. 

Springfield runs passenger vehicles, police vehicles, and majority of their mower fleet on propane. 

Columbus Zoo

The Columbus Zoo is always on the cutting edge of innovation, converting their first vehicle to propane over 25 years ago!

Access Scioto Public Transit

Access Scioto County Public Transit has been running on propane since 2012. Now, 8 out of their 10 vehicles run on propane! 

Ohio Schools Run on Propane

Over 730 propane-fueled school buses run on Ohio roads. Propane costs significantly less in fuel, fluids, filters and is easier on engines with its minimal emissions (EPA Clean Air). No expensive exhaust systems are needed and they perform equal to traditional engines. More importantly, propane buses are safe for kids with cleaner air and quieter rides. The OPGA is here to help make schools transition to propane easy with $20,000 in rebates. Get $4,000 per school bus, towards a new bus or propane conversion.

Westerville Schools

Westerville Schools prides themselves on keeping their kids in a safe and clean environment. 

Back in 2014, Westerville realized that the stability of propane fuel prices made it easier to budget and save money for the district. 

Propane Fuel is the Future of Fleet Vehicles

Ohio chemistry teacher explains the benefits of propane fuel. There are over 31,000 propane vehicles like these in Ohio alone. The EPA says propane vehicles are the most widely used alternative fuel in America.

Delaware Schools

Delaware City Schools has been running their propane buses for the last 5 years. Making the switch has saved them thousands of dollars, increased student safety, and reduced their emissions.

Columbus State Tech

Columbus State Tech Associative Professor of Automotive Technology, Steve Levin discusses the advantages and the process of converting your vehicle to propane. 

Swanton Schools

The Superintendent of Swanton Schools on how propane fueled buses have benefited their district.

Barnesville Schools

Barnesville Schools run their bus fleet on propane for two reasons: safety and cost. “The first thing that comes to mind is safety of the kids. With propane buses are so quiet and that’s good for kids and the bus operators,” says John Blatter, Director of Transportation.​

Big Walnut Schools

Big Walnut Schools’ Administrative Services Director and Treasurer discuss why they converted to propane.

Forest Hills Schools

Forest Hills School District bus driver advocates for propane gas because of its quietness so that kids don’t have to talk over the noises.

Ohio Landscapers Run on Propane

Converting your fleet of mowers to propane leaves engines cleaner, lasting longer, less labor and requires less fuel, fluids and filters. More Ohio fleets are making the switch to propane. The OPGA is here to help make your transition easy with a $1,000 rebate per vehicle or lawnmower, up to $5,000!

TAG Property Landscaping

TAG Property Landscaping’s Trent Groves on how switching to propane improved their fleet. After seeing the return on investment from converting their mowers, TAG decided to start converting their trucks. 

Holly Bee Lawncare, OH

Holly Bee is expanding their green commitment to locals with propane. If you’re looking to save on your budget, converting to propane can save on fuel and maintenance costs.

Ohio Mechanics Love on Propane

Converting your fleet to propane leaves engines cleaner and require less fuels, fluids and filters. Watch the testimonials from Ohio Mechanics below to see why they love propane.

More Ohio fleets are making the switch to propane. The OPGA is here to help make your transition easy with a $4,000 rebate per vehicle or lawnmower, up to $20,000!

Ohio Mechanics Fired Up Over Propane Engines

Propane car and truck fleet mechanics have made these engines the dominant alternative fuel in America according to the EPA. Ohio mechanics have sized them up on cost per miles-driven, maintenance cost and cold and hot weather performance. Top management likes their minuscule carbon footprint.


Ohio Fleets Love on Propane

More Ohio fleets are making the switch to propane. The OPGA is here to help make your transition easy with a $4,000 rebate per vehicle or lawnmower, up to $20,000!

Central Ohio Farmers
Co-Op, Inc.

Central Ohio Farmers Co-Op services over 4,000 propane customers with their propane fleet. 

Schilling Propane

From pick-ups to delivery vehicles to even lawnmowers, Schilling runs 90% of their fleet on propane.

Reliance Energy

Jim McVikers runs his work truck on a bi-fuel engine, burning propane on 90% of his drives. By running his engine primarily on propane, maintenance and fuel costs are significantly lower.

Propane Public Fueling Stations
& Service Centers

Propane Public Fueling Stations& Service Centers

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