Ohio Runs on Propane

520 School Buses • 877 Fleet Vehicles • 17 Fueling Stations

Ohio fleet owners use propane for its quick ROI and its low carbon emissions (EPA Clean Air Act).
Propane costs less in fuel, fluids and filters and the engines last longer.Propane engines perform equal to traditional gasoline and diesel engines.
The OPGA is dedicated to propane and is offering Ohio’s fleet owners with $1,000 rebates for propane-fueled on-road vehicles, fueling infrastructure and lawnmowers.

Average Price
Per Gallon

Lower your price to less than $0.50/gallon with the help of OPGA & federal grants.

Propane is a well-established fuel and is domestically produced. Using propane as a vehicle fuel increases energy security, can provide the convenience of on-site fueling economically, and reduces air pollution and the environmental impacts of vehicles.”

Get Your $ 1,000
Rebate Today

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Get Your $ 1,000
Rebate Today

Average Price
Per Gallon

Lower your price to less than $0.50/gallon with the help of OPGA & federal grants.

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Class 4 & Under

Passenger Vehicles:

  • Police & EMT Vehicles
  • Pickup Trucks
  • Passenger Vans
    & Buses

Light-Duty Fleet Vehicles:

  • Box Trucks
  • Delivery Vans

Class 5

  • Ford’s F-550, Chevy, Etc.
  • Walk-ins and delivery trucks
  • Bucket trucks or cherry pickers

Class 6

  • Single-axle
  • Beverage trucks
  • Rack trucks
  • School buses

Class 7

  • Street sweepers
  • Garbage trucks
  • City transit buses
  • Furniture trucks and smaller semis


Propane Fuel Stations


Ohio Propane Autogas Stations

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Ohio Propane Gas Association

The OPGA is a trade and membership service organization

that represents propane marketers throughout the state.

605 N High St #214, Columbus, OH 43215

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