Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do you save when converting your vehicle to propane?

A: Propane is generally 30% cheaper over gasoline, but private fleets with their own pumps and tank pay a much lower price than the retail fuel pump cost. 

For example, if regular gasoline is at an average of $3.91/gal and Autogas propane is at an average of $3.59/gal. If you use an average of 20 gallons of regular gasoline per week, you could save over $25 per month and over $300 per year! 

In addition to a reduced fuel cost, propane engines require less oil and filters. That’s because there’s minimal carbon buildup from propane. Overall oil, filters and labor are significantly less on a propane engine. 

Fleets owners save nearly 50% on fuel and maintenance costs compared to gasoline or diesel.

Click here to see cost savings:

2. How is propane cleaner than other vehicles?

A: Propane autogas vehicles cut significantly more NOx (Nitrogen oxides) and greenhouse gas emissions compared to diesel and gasoline. The EPA considers propane a clean fuel. Propane is known as the number one alternative fuel around the world.

3. What do I need to do to get a $1,000 OPGA Autogas rebate
(up to $5,000)?

  • Entities residing in Ohio where on-road vehicles or lawn mowers are registered and operated in Ohio
  • First time purchasing a new propane vehicle or converting an existing vehicle in 2023
  • Any 2015 or newer OEM vehicle or lawn mowers converted to a propane autogas system that is EPA approved
  • New vehicles have no more than 5,000 miles.

Learn what make and model vehicles here

4. Where can I go to get my vehicle converted to propane?

A: Ohio has 1 Autogas conversion locations. Click here to view map.

5. Where can I fill up my propane vehicle?

A: Ohio has over 50 public stations locations to fill up your Autogas vehicle. Click here to view map.

6. Where can I go to get my propane vehicle repaired?

A: Ohio has 4 repair Autogas repair facilities. Conversion centers also repair their own systems that they install. Click here to view map.

7. What funding is available to help me get my vehicle/fleet converted to propane?

A: The Ohio Propane Gas Association offers a $4,000 rebate (up to $20,000) to Ohio residents that are either buying a new propane vehicle, converting their vehicle to propane OR a lawn mower. 

State and Federal funds are available. Go here

8. How does a propane vehicle work?

A: Propane engines are spark-ignited, internal combustion engines, designed much like gasoline vehicles There are two types of propane engines: Dedicated (100% propane) and Bi-fuel (50% gasoline, 50% propane).

9. What is a Dedicated Propane Engine?

A: A Dedicated Propane Engine is an engine installed in a vehicle so that it runs solely on propane and can be ordered or purchased straight from the manufacture.

10. What is a Bi-Fuel Propane Engine?

A: A Bi-Fuel Propane Engine is an engine installed in a vehicle where it runs on propane and the original fuel (gasoline or diesel). Vehicles can be converted by a qualified system retrofitter (QSR) to light, medium or heavy-duty vehicles and can be as quick as one day to install.

11. Can a propane vehicle run on gasoline too?

A: You can either buy a propane vehicle with a Dedicated Propane Engine or you can have your vehicle converted with a Bi-Fuel Engine so it runs on both gasoline and propane. 

12. Does getting my new vehicle converted to propane affect the manufacturer’s warranty?

A: No, the manufacture’s warranty is not affected when you get your vehicle converted to propane.