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Ohio Runs Greener With Propane

Ohio’s city officials are making landscaping and lawn care more green friendly by using propane fueled lawnmowers and trucks.

The City of Columbus’ recreation and parks department took steps to reduce greenhouse gas and carbon emissions. In 2015, the department added 14 propane-fueled lawnmowers their fleet.

“When it came to the park maintenance, propane mower technology was innovative and readily available,” said Craig Seeds, the city’s park and forestry administrator.

Not only does propane reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% and carbon emissions by 40%, but it is also much more cost efficient than other fuels. Columbus saves 50 cents per gallon on fuel costs with propane compared with gasoline. Propane vehicles also have less maintenance costs.

“We researched many green alternatives, and propane came out as the easiest and most affordable option to put into practice.”

Propane mowers perform just as well as any other fueled lawnmowers and they run quieter. They also have a simple refueling process. The City of Columbus plans to add more propane lawnmowers to its fleet.

“Overall, we’ve had a really positive experience with our propane mowers,” says Bill Burns, fleet manager of operations.

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