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Ohio Governments Save Big With Propane

Muskingum County’s air quality is cleaner thanks to the sheriff’s department for converting their patrol vehicles to run on propane. 

Muskingum County sheriffs have been driving their fleet of propane-fueled patrol cars since 2015. Their fleet continues to grow using more propane fueled vehicles and less gasoline fueled vehicles. 

According to Sheriff Lutz, “The fuel cost savings were huge. It was kind of a ‘knock-out-punch’ to hear that we would have the significant savings immediately.”

Sheriff Lutz is happy with the performance of his vehicles.

“We’re getting the performance we need. We feel in the long run these units will be paid for. We’ll continue to use propane cars because we’re seeing the difference.”

“The safety factor, the performance factor, all that stuff played a part in our decision to go with propane. We’re keeping our engines cleaner, the engines last longer and not to mention, it’s green and saving our community. It’s really been a positive thing.”

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