OPGA $1,000 Rebate, up to $5,000


Rebates are available to propane customers who reside in Ohio for eligible purchases on a new propane vehicle, vehicle conversions with less than 15,000 miles or a new propane lawn mower. Propane companies and their employees are eligible to receive rebates


The rebate program ends December 31, 2022, or when program funds are exhausted. The payment of a rebate under the program or this agreement is subject to available funds. If available funds run out during the program year, OPGA may elect to carry over applications until the next program year. All eligible purchases must occur during the rebate program. 

Completed and approved applications should have a rebate check issued within 60-90 days after the application is received at the OPGA office, subject to available funds. No applicant has a legal right or other entitlement to receive rebates under the program or this agreement. A completed application does not bind OPGA to approve or pay a rebate to any applicant. 

An applicant or propane marketer may be suspended from, or declared ineligible to participate in the rebate program if the OPGA determines that the applicant or propane marketer has submitted false information or otherwise violated program terms and conditions. Within 30 days after OPGA suspends or declares an applicant or propane marketer ineligible, the applicant or propane marketer may appeal the action by submitting the appeal in writing to the OPGA. Actions taken by OPGA with respect to the appeal will be final. An applicant or propane marketer who submits false information pertinent to a rebate is subject to criminal and civil penalties including U.S. Mail fraud. 


All propane vehicles/mowers and conversion systems must be approved by US EPA.

  • New OEM propane vehicles.
  • Propane converted vehicle with less than 15,000 miles
  • New propane OEM lawn mower.
  • New propane converted mower (less than 250 hours). 

All federal and state incentives must be applied prior to receiving rebate funds, and the funds may be used for the incremental cost of propane. These rebate funds should be considered “matching funds” when applying for other grants or funding in conjunction with this rebate. There is a limit of five rebates issued to any single entity. 

How to Apply:

  1. Click the “Easy Application” button
  2. Fill in the blanks then right click the mouse to save the completed pdf to your desktop
  3. Click the “Upload Complete Application” button and attach your pdf
  4. Hit Submit!

National - Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) Grant


 Closes: March 16, 2021

School buses, transit buses, Class 5 – 8 medium- or heavy-duty trucks, nonroad engines, equipment or vehicles used in:
construction, handling of cargo, agriculture, mining, or energy production.

Includes propane vehicles. Maximum federal funding request per application of $3,000,000.

Clean Diesel Helpline

Contact Carolyn Watkins for information on the grants below:

Carolyn Watkins, Ohio EPA
Office of Environmental Education
Phone: (614) 644-3768

State - Diesel Emissions Reduction Grant Program


New OEM/conversion propane vehicles & lawn mower.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversion Grant

Open Application
$400,000 left in the fund
Distributed on first-come,
first-serve basis

Public and Private sector diesel fleets. Operating class 7 or 8 trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating of at least 26,000 pounds.

Includes propane vehicles. $25,000 per new vehicle. Maximum award
of $400,000.

VW Emissions Mitigation Trust


Public and Private sector diesel fleets. Class 4-8 medium and large freight trucks. Also for school, shuttle, or transit buses.

Includes propane vehicles. Government plans will be funded up to 75% of program costs. Private can be funded up to 25% of costs.

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Ohio Propane Autogas Stations

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