OPGA Rebate

The OPGA $1000 Rebate is available to propane fleet owners / customers who reside in Ohio.
The Rebate can be used towards a new propane vehicle, new vehicle propane conversion or a new propane lawn mower.
All propane vehicles / mowers and conversion systems must be approved by US EPA.
   • New OEM propane vehicles
   • New propane conversion vehicles (current model
     year or previous model year with less than
     15,000 miles.)
   • New propane OEM lawn mower
   • New propane converted mower
     (less than 250 hours)

Infrastructure Incentive Now Available

When applying for other grants or funding in conjunction with this rebate, consider the OPGA Rebate as “matching funds”.

Ends 12/31/21

Clean Fuels Ohio will help you navigate the State and Federal grants available below.

Contact them today to take advantage of the number of funding options.

National - Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) Grant


 Closes: March 16, 2021

School buses, transit buses, Class 5 – 8 medium- or heavy-duty trucks, nonroad engines, equipment or vehicles used in:
construction, handling of cargo, agriculture, mining, or energy production.

Includes propane vehicles. Maximum federal funding request per application of $3,000,000.

Clean Diesel Helpline

Contact Carolyn Watkins for information on the grants below:

Carolyn Watkins, Ohio EPA
Office of Environmental Education
Phone: (614) 644-3768

State - Diesel Emissions Reduction Grant Program


New OEM/conversion propane vehicles & lawn mower.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversion Grant

Open Application
$400,000 left in the fund
Distributed on first-come,
first-serve basis

Public and Private sector diesel fleets. Operating class 7 or 8 trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating of at least 26,000 pounds.

Includes propane vehicles. $25,000 per new vehicle. Maximum award
of $400,000.

VW Emissions Mitigation Trust


Public and Private sector diesel fleets. Class 4-8 medium and large freight trucks. Also for school, shuttle, or transit buses.

Includes propane vehicles. Government plans will be funded up to 75% of program costs. Private can be funded up to 25% of costs.

Ohio Propane Autogas Stations

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Ohio Propane Gas Association

The OPGA is a trade and membership service organization

that represents propane marketers throughout the state.

605 N High St #214, Columbus, OH 43215